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Once In A While You Work With People Who Get It

This is our story. A group of us who have worked in leadership and management, education, creative industry and processes came together to be part of the journey of Innersummit. We always strive to work in a way that continually creates an atmosphere where our talent is used, the atmosphere is astonishing and where we can believe in what we do.

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This Is Who We Are

Innersummit came to be because we believe that people are an organisation’s most important asset. If we can enable the resilience of people and help them dig a little deeper in order to keep moving forward, then we consider ourselves successful.

The Vision

Innersummit is all about those moments in business life that you have to dig a bit deeper in order to keep on moving forwards.

It is the time when you need to continue believing that you can make it through a situation, which is over whelming. It is the leadership qualities expressed by thousands of people who have lead nations, businesses and communities.

In essence, Innersummits are the highest and lowest points in life that we internally face.


Meet The Team

Chris Andreou


Chris is an entertaining leader, leaving you challenged in a way that drives you to consider improving organisational growth. He has driven business in various roles in private and public sector industries for over 20 years and continues to create innovative solutions for industry in his role at Innersummit. In essence, an individual leaving you challenged in a way that drives you to strategic human decisions.

Esther Andreou


Esther has lived and breathed leading people to success in the education sector for over 20 years. She has an eye for detail and a huge conscious for what is right. As finance director she leads the lifeblood of the company by ensuring data and processes are robust and accurate. She continually improves and expects the quality of provision is at an outstanding level.

Clint De Sousa


Clint is all about the detail. He has an extensive background in operational detail and has been instrumental in making sure all the T’s are crossed and I’s dotted for Innersummit. 

Rachel Jobes


Passionate about development and growth of herself and others. Originally working in IT and Project Management Rachel now uses the skills gained in multiple environments and roles, to help shape culture within teams and organisations focussing on research and development.

Fiona O’Reilly


Empathic and focussed with a tenacious grit, Lyndsey brings her insights into human behaviour to every session that she delivers. She will inspire you to continue to grow and develop ensuring that you keep building and contributing to culture change. 

Jonah Sinclair

Crew Leader

Jonah is passionate about helping people through the data and analytics. He has a background working with systems and processes and understands them in a unique and profound way. His experience doing the data is what facilitates Innersummit to help people in enabling resilience.

Milly Jacobson


Milly has a background in admin and data analytics. As a part of the Quality team, Milly is passionate about showing excellence in her work to ensure that the standard of service is extremely high.

Abi Andreou


Abi is the creative admin doer and is part of the Quality team. She is all about getting tasks done quick and on time. She uses her skills to pioneer work to the finish line ensuring that what customers experience is first class and friendly, always using her vocal skills to help people in enabling resilience.

Gillian Forrester


Gillian is possibly the most insightful person in the UK regarding Quality and apprenticeship inspections. She brings Clarity that empowers you to make more insightful decisions and achieve better results. A high-performing senior leader with years of experience in leading successful teams and change management projects. 

Carol Mitchell


Carol is a coach and mentor with a particular interest in detail. As a former Kaizen specialist, she can often see what others cannot see, and articulates and explains change where the hearer feels empowered and takes owners.  Bringing clarity and precision you know that learners will get the correct outcome with Carol as a coach. Currently, Carols learners sit at a 86% Distinction rate. Wow!

Peter Mckinney


Peter is a coach/mentor/learning facilitator with a diverse range of skills to help individuals find and achieve the best in themselves. Energetic and passionate about progress and development coupled with a drive to deliver outstanding results.
Qualified through experience and academia, he has the knowledge, empathy and understanding to engage at all levels and make a positive impact on individuals and businesses.

Andrea Searle


Andrea is a skilled learning coach with over 18 years guiding and supporting learners to achieve outstanding results. Full of energy and a contagious laugh, learners achieve their true potential as Andrea facilitates learning and can stay in tune with each learner tailoring support. 

Joe Broadbent


Joe has a background in visual design and has worked on a range of projects. Innersummit falls right into his area of interest and expertise, providing solutions that will help people in enabling resilience.

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