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3B’s That Destroy Your Strategy and Workforce If Ignored

WhichEmoji is very much focussed around our 3B’s; Be You, Be Kind, Be Involved. These 3B’s each have three 3B Drivers which help you to understand how the people in your organisation really feel.


The emotional data you capture through the App is translated into the language of 3B’s, meaning you can quickly and easily find out how those in your organisation feel and make strategic decisions to improve the culture.


Our many years of experience in helping organisations improve their workplace culture has shown us that each of the 3B’s are essential in keeping your staff engaged. It only takes for one of the 3B’s to fall for the organisation’s culture to start becoming unhealthy and for the workforce to start to become disengaged. Therefore, it is vital that you have your finger on the pulse and have readily available data to help you maintain a healthy 3B culture.


We recently had the opportunity to deliver a powerful session at the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development’s HRPB Conference titled: 3B’s That Destroy Your Strategy and Workforce If Ignored.


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