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There has always been four elements of leadership that successful people show time and time again and in this series I’m going to expand on what those four elements of leadership are as well as the subsequent four facets that each element has.
Empedocles was a scientist and philosopher in 400 bc and he was the one who actually noticed that the world as we know it is founded on the elements: Fire, Water, Air and Earth. This observation as the basis of elements that govern the planet, give a framework of understanding how successful people lead time and time again over the years.

Element 1 – Passion
Consider the first one fire, thats all about passion, it is about how people are so passionate about what they do and what they believe in.

Element 2 – Character
The second element of leadership is water, and when you think of water that transcribes into leadership about character. The substance of the person that brings life to those around them.

Element 3 – Culture
The third element is about air. Air you cannot see, but you see the effects of it and successful leaders have proven they they are in tune with whats not seen, they understand whats going on within their team and within their company which might not be evident, but under the surface they know whats truly happening

Element 4 – Order
Then the final one is the element of earth. This talks about the leadership trait of order. Successful leaders have to know how to lay the right infrastructures which empowers and enables their team to be successful and use their talent to execute the vision.