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It is a time for authentic leadership to really have its place in the world and our work, and for us at Innersummit we want to contribute by helping the UK remain proactive whilst we confront this pandemic by protecting the vulnerable, supporting our colleagues in the NHS, education, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, and housing industries. We are doing this by all of us staying home!

For Innersummit these troubling times requires the steadfast principles that we have continually delivered to you, yet this time it has a heightened sense of urgency.

Remember the 3 i’s

Firstly, Inspire: You remember that this word really means ‘breathe life into….’ so at work, breathe life into situations that you see around you.

Secondly, Influence: Influence and persuasion are the foundations of healthy team relationships, so stay connected, build rapport, be quick to understand people’s work environments.

Thirdly, Innovate: Failure is the step towards an innovative solution. During this time try plenty of new ideas, it is not the moment to remain stagnant but to be dynamic. So, whatever you do: See what is there, see what is not there and create something new and astonishing.

Focus on the 3b’s

The first 3B is, Be You: Release the talent in your teams, this is the time to delegate, give autonomy and allow your people to do what they know how to do.

The next 3B is, Be Kind: Show astonishing kindness, it is better to have one minute with a person with depth of connection than thirty minutes of shallow talk. Make depth of conversations matter.

And finally, Be Involved: Get stuff done! Communicate and clarify what needs doing, have frequent touch points in a changing environment.

We’re Working

We are doing our little bit through several steps that we have been working on. They are:

• We have created our Covid-19 Care Charter which involves us all working from home, upholding the social distancing policy set by government. When we do have to travel, we travel in our own cars and with personal hand sanitisers.

• Leadership inspiration, influence and innovation are critical traits at this time and because we are sharing our responsibility, my team and I are creating online resources covering topics that are required for you. We will keep you updated when these are available.

• We have the IT infrastructure at our home offices to deliver online leadership coaching, workshop and talk-talk sessions to inspire you in your current industry.

• We have also agreed to over communicate with you and be over visible. How will this be done, you may ask? We are creating a stockpile of resources to assist you which will be distributed via a variety of personalised methods.


I have always said, when delivering to you, that ‘the only thing that authentic leaders need to do for toxicity to continue is nothing’. Although previously, toxicity was in relation to toxic leaders, this time, it is about the current problem that we all face.


The Innersummit team will be working behind the scenes to support you and your teams using online, remote attendance to advice and deliver leadership, management and coaching solutions.


We look forward to continuing to support you through creative solutions.