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What is leadership?

I often get asked; what exactly is leadership? In this short video, I will explain and give a description of what is leadership.

When I’m working with people, I sometimes hear the question asked “what is leadership”? For me, there are two very distinct components, which begin to give us an understanding of what it is to be an effective leader.

First component – Vision

The first component is that of vision. The most successful people who I know, who are in both ‘leadership’ and ‘non-leadership’ roles, all have a clear vision of what it is they want to do. Consider yourself, when you are actually working at your best, you are clear on what you are wanting to do. So it is with leadership, those who are successful in what they do have a clear vision.

Second component – Talent

The next component is about talent. The question of, who it is that I have around me? Not only in my immediate team, or my colleagues, but also my stakeholders and clients that can help me execute that vision. Working through people has always been the defining aspect of leadership, doing things through people to execute that vision. But how do you bridge the gap between that clear vision and the talent around you?

There are two elements that bridge the gap.

• Influence
• Persuasion

In my experience,  the people who have been most successful as leaders have been able to influence and persuade the talent around them to help execute the very clear vision they have. You and I are in the business of influence and persuasion! Even now, through this short video I am communicating in a way that I am hope influences and persuades you that the definition of leadership is down to two very small components, vision and talent and that the bridge between them is influence and persuasion. So whatever you do at work, or in non work situation, be encouraged that if you are being influential and persuasive, you have actually nailed the definition of leadership.