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The 4 Elements of Leadership

At a time when the knowledge worker has become the most vital economic resource we have, organisations cannot afford to lose the knowledge and abilities that exist on their team. A recent study found that the leading reason highly talented workers find employment elsewhere is an unsatisfactory relationship with their immediate supervisor. What’s more, it takes an understanding of the new demands on today’s leaders to produce results and create processes that ensure ongoing success.



Great leaders know how to leverage the knowledge on their team. Organizations that want to retain their best and brightest must have leaders who understand the radically new   paradigm from which the knowledge worker operates. The 4 Elements of Leadership provides the foundation for leaders to think, act, and lead from this new paradigm. Participants in this workshop learn powerful concepts and leave with tools and skills to help them lead, support, and inspire a talented, valuable workforce.


By the end of this training event you will be able to:

  • Understand the universal elements that govern great leaders, who can sustain passion, inspire trust, maintain an engaged workforce and embed superior systems and infrastructures.
  • Identify and address the chronic problems that undermine success, creating an environment where productivity and creativity thrive.
  • Respond to team feedback, dramatically improving team relationships.
  • Apply the “4 Elements of Leadership” as they meet the unique needs of their “workforce generation.”

What’s Included

  • Workbook journal
  • Inspirational examples from great leaders who have overcome immense challenge

Benefits of Learning

The workshop will be interactive – we learn better by doing – and fun. The delegates will understand that the 4 Elements of Leadership is a continuum of development that is a must in the current climate.


1 day