Size Matters – Presentation Skills

Size really does matter: The small things we can do to make a big impression.

This high impact, intensive event takes you on a tour of presenting your self in a way that will gain maximum influence and persuasion with your audience.

You will learn which is the best seat to sit in a meeting, how to build rapport, what are the laws of persuasion and how certain handshakes can influence different people, at different times.



Designed for

All  managers who are involved in leading people.


To introduce skills needed to gain maximum impact when delivering presentations or small team forums. To increase confidence in delivery,  personal impact and how you can  present yourself to gain the greatest influence.

What you will learn

  • Manage any nervousness and fear of failure
  • Understand the importance of opening lines, smiling and handshakes
  • Prepare and structure a presentation that is appropriate for the identified needs of the audience
  • Memory and name calling! How important is it to remember a name?
  • Understand how body language, tone and words can affect the presentation
  • Present fluently and respond appropriately to questions from the audience

What is included

  • How to structure a presentation – the beginning, middle and end
  • Identify key preparation needed to deliver a presentation
  • ‘Hooking’ your audience – getting and maintaining their interest
  • Develop a presentation that is appropriate for the identified need of the audience
  • First impressions of a presenter – The importance of body language
  • Present fluently and respond appropriately to questions from the audience
  • Recognise and use the key skills required to make an effective presentation
  • Feedback on presentations

Benefits of learning

When making presentations, we all want to appear competent and capable and to communicate in such a way that our audience will listen and understand what we have to say. By using the skills and procedures explored on this event, even the most reluctant presenter will gain confidence. During the event participants will design a short presentation and deliver to the rest of the group.


1 day


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