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Story Telling


All managers who are involved in leading people.


To introduce participants to the skills needed to gain maximum impact when delivering presentations or small team forums. To increase confidence in delivery, and personal impact.



  • Understand the importance of opening lines, starting a story and how to make it compelling
  • What the research is on positive to negative stories and morale in organisations
  • Learn why the 4 components of positive story telling are behind motivated organisations:
  • Emotion: Connecting with the listener
  • The “Why”: Understanding the importance of creating purpose in the story
  •  Audience: Know your audience and how to adapt the story to different levels within the organisation
  • Commonalities: Finding the importance of synergy in a story between the teller and listener



  • How to structure a story – the beginning, middle and end
  • Identify key conflicts needed to make a story great
  • ‘Hooking’ your audience – getting and maintaining their interest
  • Develop a story that is appropriate for the identified need of the audience
  • Present with passion and respond appropriately the flow of the listener as you are telling your story
  • Recognise and use the key skills required to make an effective story


When telling stories, we all want to appear engaging and purposeful, communicating in such a way that is inspiring and motivational. By using the skills and procedures explored on this event, even the most reluctant person will gain confidence in storytelling. 


1 day