Leadership Coaching


The Challenge

What started as a pilot with one Assistant Operations Manager, we were asked to use a combination of life and performance coaching solutions to re-engage the AOM after experiencing a restructure of roles and responsibilities. The success of the year long coaching programme saw a return on investment of 184%. This launched a series of performance coaching solutions for a total of eight leaders responsible for over 3000 individual people.


The Solution

Using a combination of structured life coaching tools, we introduced a fresh look at the 4 elements of leadership; what is your passion?, how can you make decisions that add value to your character?, what small changes can be introduced to provide leverage to you and your team? and how can you stay connected with what matters most at work and at home?

Increasing the focus towards performance coaching, we then introduced tangible measures that could show changes in attitudes and behaviours. This subsequently impacted on the bottom line of the business in relation to lower sickness rates, less time spent in meetings and ambulance station’s Health & Safety incidents reduced.

Return on Investment


Attitude Change


Behaviour Influenced

Number of Sessions

Leaders Engaged

For every £1 spent on leaders £3.06 was the returned on investment

20 Sessions

Three of the eight leaders received 20 sessions each. After conducting pre/post evaluations and applying confidence levels to allow for error, the overall return on investment was £3.06 for every £1 spent.

10 Sessions

Three of the eight leaders received 10 sessions of life/performance coaching. After the evaluations and calculations the  return on investment for every £1 spent was £1.36.

5 Sessions

Two of the eight leaders were restricted in time and were able to engage in 5 sessions of life coaching each. After the coaching the return on investment showed that for every £1 spent there was a return of £0.72.

How much £ ROI?

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