Senior Leadership Coaching

The Challenge

Changing the way people perceive you can be a tricky thing to do! As a senior leader, Lynn had the determination to begin to take her leadership to the next level. She wanted to gradually re-position how her colleagues perceived her leadership, increasing her personal credibility and insight.

The Solution

Over a year long leadership coaching programme we designed a series of challenges that would establish new patterns of behaviours and habits within Lynn’s working practice.  Using in depth personality instruments like the 16PF tool, and Myers Briggs, Lynn was able to gain personal insight into her strengths and areas of development.


Attitude Change


Behaviour Influenced

Number of Sessions

Number of Staff

For every £1 spent on Lynn, £4.23 was the return on investment


Increasing credibility is a gradual change in small behaviours. Through a structured approach there were 13 challenges set for Lynn and she began with the only person who could make the change. Herself! Leadership is a personal choice based upon making the correct decisions with people around you so that you can execute an overall vision. Lynn understood this fact and made challenging choices at the right time which began to influence people around her.

Return On Investment

Using peer and line management feedback, we established a benchmark to measure the financial return on investment. Measuring team sickness levels, time spent in unproductive meetings and securing funding for area development, Lynn made a 423% ROI.

Enabling Resilience

Lynn says that “having taken part in this coaching for a year I have realised that a lot of my challenges were actually down to me! Through coaching I have been able to analyse the way in which I approach situations in a different and more positive way”

Successful Business Case Secured Totalling £

Time spent in unproductive meetings

Number of sickness days saved

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