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Designed For Organisational Use

Designed for organisational use, the 16PF Practitioner Report offers our most comprehensive 16PF insights, and includes three reports in one, each for a different audience: the qualified 16PF practitioner, the candidate and the manager.

The 16PF Assessment: A Vital Roadmap For Decision-makers
The 16PF assessment gives a complete picture by measuring personality in both the professional and personal spheres. Its accurate predictions of behaviour and potential provide businesses with an enlightened confidence that steers staff selection and individual development. This unique depth and breadth of insight, along with more than 60 years of research and application, has earned the 16PF international renown and respect.
16PF Key Features
  • Helps reduce risk when recruiting, developing key players or making major development investments
  • Reveals 16 personality characteristics structured around the ‘Big Five’ widely accepted global factors of personality
  • Inspires confidence: over 2,700 published research articles support the 16PF’s validity
  • Delivers objective, empirical measurement of personality traits that are known to accurately predict behaviour
  • Offers a range of comprehensive reports
  • Powers bespoke job analysis and reporting service, enabling tailoring of outputs to your specific business needs
  • Communicates to a wide audience – available in over 20 languages, each individually researched and validated
How Do I Buy The 16PF?
In order to maintain rigorous standards of quality in the field of personality assessment, access to the 16PF questionnaire and associated products is restricted to qualified 16PF practitioners. This means that in order to buy the 16PF tool, you can partner with Innersummit’s approved licensed practitioners.
The Big Five Model Of Personality
The 16PF assessment is based on the ‘Big Five’ model of personality. Developed by Raymond Cattell, it identifies five broad dimensions of personality – a widely accepted model that has influenced the development of many other trait-based assessments. Beneath these five global factors are the 16 primary factors, providing the detail necessary to predict behaviour and performance. With its strong research foundation, Cattell’s 16PF questionnaire provides practitioners with the confidence and credibility to make important people decisions.

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