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Defining Personality Type

By defining personality type, the MBTI® (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) tool builds a robust foundation for life-long personal development. It provides a constructive, flexible and liberating framework for understanding individual differences and strengths.

The MBTI Tool: Personality Type Revealed

The MBTI instrument is the best known and most trusted personality assessment on the market, and OPP is its exclusive European distributor. Far more than just personality tests, MBTI Step I and Step II provide a constructive, flexible framework that can be applied to all areas of human interaction and personal development. The MBTI profile reveals how we see and interact with the world, giving insight into our motivation and the motivation of others. This provides a strong foundation for personal growth and development, underpinning enhanced personal effectiveness.

  • MBTI Step I: identifies personality type, made up of four basic preferences, and provides a positive framework to explain how we interact with the world and each other
  • MBTI Step II: drills into the detail of Step I preferences, providing insight into the unique way in which we express our personality type

Starting with an understanding of MBTI type, the MBTI framework supports a far-reaching and lifelong Development Journey which embraces many common challenges in the workplace, and outside it:

Exclusively Qualified To Administer The Real MBTI Tool
There are many free personality assessments out there – and some even give you a four-letter type, which looks just like MBTI information. The MBTI framework comes with a quality guarantee that ensures the results are as accurate as possible, and that qualified practitioners are experts in applying the tool in an ethical way that acknowledges the role of each individual in determining their own type.
How Do I Buy The MBTI Tool?
In order to maintain rigorous standards of quality in the field of personality assessment, access to the MBTI questionnaire and associated products is restricted to qualified MBTI practitioners. This means that in order to use and buy the MBTI tool, you can contact our practitioners via the contact form.

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