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We have spent time helping organisations develop people strategies to move forward in leadership, management and coaching. Public and private sector organisations are our customers.

Innersummit is a provider of learning and development solutions that engages people in innovative ways. We use a range of learning tools to communicate leadership, management and coaching skills. me

Stimulation Activities


Real-Life Events


Peer Learning

The areas that Innersummit has something of value to contribute include:

Public Sector Savings

Retail Productivity

Team Cohesion

Organisational Development

Value-Based Sales

Relationship Marketing

Coaching To Increase Trust

The Audiences That We Work With Include

Private Sector

Public Sector

Faith-Based Organisations

The facilitator’s skill, subject knowledge, ability  to engage and tailor each area to specific discussions/experience of participants was fabulous.  Although I have attended a three day course the facilitator’s skill, enthusiasm and vast knowledge meant that throughout I was unaware of time scales, lunches etc and looked forward to each section. It is a long time since I have attended a course that has been so enjoyable and time has flown.  The course was effectively delivered and there was not one point I found boring or made me wish I was back at my desk, fabulous.

CSA: North Western Business Area: Team Leading Training

The facilitator explained everything in layman’s terms. Involved everybody and has a great atmosphere at all times. Really enthusiastic facilitator, and encourages all  to take part in tasks.

Mike Tait Continuous Improvement Champion

I would like to think, that all team leaders would have the chance to take up this process as it has helped me gain confidence going forward in leadership.

Joseph Hope Assistant Operations Manager

Having taken part in this coaching for a year I have realised that a lot of my challenges were actually down to me! Through coaching I have been able to analyse the way in which I approach situations in a different and more positive way.

Lynn Pyburn Operations Manager

I learned a great deal about how I see my team and how they may see me. I feel I can return to the office and proactively encourage my staff to take on the future change.

DVLA: Swansea: Understanding Culture in the Workplace

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