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How We Impact Your Learning Experience 

At Innersummit we deliver in a way that allows our approach to engage and impact your learning experience.

We speak plainly, with passion, using a variety of interactive modes of delivery to make sure you are always engaged in the learning. We use the following methods:

Workshops Or Spot-Learning Sessions

The hub of learning is captured in the workshop or in regular weekly spot-learning sessions. You will have an opportunity to share your experiences and also learn leadership, management and coaching concepts. Using interactive case studies, media presentations, discussion forums and facilitation input, you are exposed to an outstanding learning environment delivered by our approved learning and development advisor.

Future Learning Outside Workshops (FLOW)

Simply put, the days of ‘sheep dipping’ people into a workshop and then assuming that they are now leaders is, in our view, over! There has to be a real value of how professionals learn and the flow of how leadership solutions are embedded through careful insight, challenge and ultimately a change in attitude and behaviour. With this in mind, Innersummit has created FLOW, a unique strategy that equips people with the HOW DO I EMBED behaviours back at the office, following a workshop or coaching session. We come out with you to your environment, observe and make suggestions, let you view yourself through an objective perspective. Then come up with small minor, manageable changes that bring about maximum change back at work.

Tutorial Coaching

Our team of learning and development facilitators offer one-to-one coaching available between workshops to guide you through the course.

Action Learning Sets

A powerful way for leaders to learn from other leaders. They are a structured networking opportunity (usually half a day in duration) led by an experienced facilitator with a small group of people to ask questions, seek answers, gain support and expect challenge on a relevant work related subject.

E-Learning at ‘theHUB’

Follow-up is essential to achieve a faster learning curve and ensure that we meet your needs. Therefore partnering with our e-learning team we offer you a combination of face-to-face development with pre and post course e-learning.  Take a tour here.

University of Resources

You have access to a restricted area on our University. This will assist in the availability of modules and learning support. The advantage of such an approach also means that you can learn at a pace that you like. To support learning the bulletin board would have the following:

  • Links to relevant websites
  • List of books and articles
  • Helpful hints about how to approach different leadership issues
  • Forum to share ideas
  • Workshop material
  • Webinars
  • Action Learning Set material

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