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Why You Need To Scrap Appraisals

Appraisals are dead, and this isn’t a particularly new view. Over the last few years, the effectiveness of appraisals, yearly reviews and other traditional employee management procedures have been questioned. This has only been accelerated during the pandemic.


Organisations have started to monitor employee wellbeing more frequently, with 37% more companies starting this trend. As well as this, organisations that adopted a continuous performance management model performed 24% better than competitors.


At WhichEmoji, our 3B Conversations are the solution. You can download our template below.


The 3B’s; Be You, Be Kind, Be Involved, are all about making sure everyone in the organisation can be themselves and have their talent utilised, and that there is a kind environment that allows stuff to get done.


As well as the 3B’s creating an atmosphere that enables constant feedback and collaboration, our monthly 3B conversations are a space for employees to chat to their line manager about how they feel in every area of the 3B’s.


Through years of research and experience helping organisations to improve their workplace culture, we have identified that creating a 3B culture is what keeps the workforce engaged and enjoying their job, as well as increasing performance and results in the organisation.


3B conversations also get the opinion of both the leader and the team member on whether they believe the workplace as a 5:1 positive to negative workplace culture. For a healthy culture to exist in organisations, there must be at least 5 positive comments or behaviours for every 1 negative in order to cancel it out. They also ask both individuals how they are going to lead each other and which leadership style they will use to do so.


A 3B conversation is much more than a tick-box appraisal exercise, it is an opportunity to connect, value, breathe, agree and understand. Are you ready to bring 3B’s to your organisation? Download our template now!

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