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New Age of Management Apprenticeships

Apprenticeships that are as Individual as You are The New Age of Management Apprenticeships. At a time when management performance has been identified as the biggest factor in boosting productivity, there is an urgent need for UK employers to raise their game when it...


In the film, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Gus Portokalos, the father of Toula, is always explaining that every known word has it's origins from the Greek language. Now being a Greek Cypriot myself I am patriotic about the Greek language. If you have not seen the film,...

4 Elements of Leadership

There has always been four elements of leadership that successful people show time and time again and in this series I'm going to expand on what those four elements of leadership are as well as the subsequent four facets that each element has. Empedocles was a...

Finding Your Focus

Have you ever worked in an environment where you're focused on too many things and everything seems blurred? We are going to look at working on a few things and doing them with excellence. So that what you execute is done sharply, concisely and everyone in the team...

4 Attributes of Toxic Leadership

Have you ever worked in an environment where it just feels toxic and you don't feel you can actually work in that environment? What you might be observing in people around you, is toxic leadership, In this blog I’ll give you and overview of what the four attribute on...

Defining Leadership

What is leadership? I often get asked; what exactly is leadership? In this short video, I will explain and give a description of what is leadership. When I'm working with people, I sometimes hear the question asked “what is leadership”? For me, there are two very...

5 Ways to Create a New Idea

Have you ever wanted to create a new idea within your team? Have you used conventional ways of trying to get people round the table to think of ideas? Well, I've got 5 steps you can use that will help maximise ideas and get them to the final stage of evaluating the...

3 Handshakes to Make a WOW Impression

3 Handshakes to make a wow impression Have you ever met someone for the first time and really wanted to establish a great impression? That can be done through the first handshake, and there are three handshakes that can really make a ‘wow’ impression when you first...

Authority in Leadership

Authority in Leadership Have you ever been at work and you've seen someone who has just been promoted into a new job, and you've wondered ‘How the heck did they get that job ‘? Because who they are and the job role they have, do not seem to go hand in hand. What is...

Writing a Great CV/Resume

It is important not to underestimate the importance of your Curriculum Vitae (CV) when applying for jobs, especially as it may be the first and only information a prospective employer receives about you. A CV is a prime marketing tool within which prospective...

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