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Organisational Development

We create real-time analytics for HR/OD professionals to create robust OD plans that can be executed throughout the organisation. We leverage HR expertise and knowledge to question assumptions; help surface non-obvious problems/issues; diagnose barriers/enablers to execution; and manage change effectively.


Dedicated to creating better led and managed organisations, Innersummit has partnered with CMI to support employers, apprentices and learning providers in the delivery of leadership and management and business administration apprenticeships.


TheHub is a resource of online short courses that are extremely accessible and affordable, covering many topics including Defining Leadership, 4 Attribute of Toxic Leaders and Remote Working. Start your learning today from as little as £5.99.



At Innersummit, we love to equip you with resources that will help you enable your organisation and your team to be more resilient.

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3B’s That Destroy Your Strategy and Workforce If Ignored

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Why You Need To Scrap Appraisals

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Give Remote Working the F Word it Deserves

Give Remote Working the F Word it Deserves

It seems the last twelve to eighteen months has seen the Remote Working v People Engagement debate appear as the ‘buzz’ conversation within HR. There are those who have found remote working and the lifestyle change it brings refreshing, and then there are those, on...


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