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What We Do


We propel organisations forward in leadership, management and coaching. Innersummit is a provider of inspiring solutions that engage people in innovative ways.

Our Approach

Our approach is simple in business. Whether we are designing, developing or delivering products we always follow five unique steps.

This approach ensures that we systematically look at every opportunity to produce the correct course for the right audience within our learning zones.

Our Learning Zones

At Innersummit we deliver in a way that impacts your learning experience. We speak plainly, with passion, using a variety of interactive modes of delivery, to make sure you are always engaged in the learning. We use the following methods.

Our Audience

We have spent time helping organisations develop people strategies to move forward in leadership, management and coaching solutions. Public and private sector organisations are our customers.

Our Approach


Breathe Life Into…

The original Greek meaning for the word ‘inspire’ is ‘to breathe life into’. So whatever we do, we ensure that we breathe life into every organisation’s culture.

Imagine if your people were inspired, what would happen?

If people feel inspired, are able to think about what they can change, and breathe life into work, then you have a momentum of small changes, collectively achieved in a systematic format. This is what we do! We work in a manner that creates a focus on what is important.


We Are Innovators In Leadership

We get a kick out of trying something new. We see failure as a great step towards an innovative solution. Whether it is developing an organisational strategy, designing challenging and inspiring executive coaching sessions or finding solutions to bring talent together who tend to work in silos, we are innovators in leadership.


Igniting Influence Within Leadership

Stay connected, build rapport and understand people’s ‘why’. Influence and persuasion are achieved through relationships of high trust, expansive integrity and transparent honesty. Leadership influence and persuasion are the foundations of healthy relationships.

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What We Offer

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