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Our Approach

Our Approach Is Simple In Business

Whether we are designing, developing or delivering products we always follow five unique steps. This approach ensures that we systematically look at every opportunity to produce the correct course for the right audience within our learning zones.

As well as our open programmes, we have created courses for private and public sector leaders asking us for a distinct focus that meets their  organisation’s top priorities. The emphasis could be marketing, team dynamics, emotional intelligence or a collection of themes. We are confident of our ability to meet your requirements that we operate a price guarantee that we will beat any identical quote by 10%.

Just Like Pottery

We really want to design the best solution for you, so we have decided that the best way we can do this is by thinking like potters. It’s that simple……Let me explain…..

We want to make sure that what you get at the end of the day is exactly what you wanted, and far more. So we follow, what we call the 5 Time Cycle. Here is how it works…


Clay Time

Once we have listened to you, what we will do is generate as many ideas and solutions as possible. There are no restrictions, no hindrances and no ‘opinions’.

Every idea is a contribution to be viewed and considered. It is at this stage that our ‘clay’ generating ideas are infused with purpose for you.

Using props and materials we often create a clear idea from the culmination of everyone’s small contribution.


Play Time

Once we have some ideas for you, we begin to shape the proof of concept. This second stage is the time to clarify the vision for the product, material or programme and ensure that any idea that does not align to the overall outcome that you want is not included.

Collective input is vital at this stage as shaping the idea still requires every effort from all our contributors. At this stage it is often common for original ideas to be tweaked and reinvented because they ‘fit’ into the overall aim of what we want to create for you.


Stay Time

We have something to show you, but this third stage needs you to really critique it. After all, once this goes live we don’t want there to be any ‘cracks’ in it.

During this time every eye is on finding the weaknesses in the product design. It is the permission granted to all contributors to examine the product in a critical manner.

This stage is positioned in the middle on purpose, so that everyone involved can input into a shared and common vision, to see the business solution succeed for you.


Display Time

Let’s run it for the first time. Ideally we would love to run a pilot to see if the product, material or programme is as good as we all know it is. At the fourth stage what we have designed is on a live trial.

It allows for independent feedback from the end user and provides critical information before the product is launched to a larger audience.


Replay Time

We never stop resting for you. We constantly want to make the best product, material or programme and at this stage we look at gathering all the feedback and then making some tweaks.

The fifth stage is about evaluation and continuous improvement. It gives leverage to the one constant that we have within developing a new product; that as soon as it is finished it must change to become better again.

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